Doox of Yale

Yale's first all-gender TTBB a capella group, founded 1952.

welcome to Rush 2018

Why rush da doox?

Well...Doox of Yale has a 65 year history of crazy antics, lifelong friendships, and most importantly, a unique and stunning musicality. Our repertoire is as diverse as it gets –  jazz, pop, R&B, country/folk, rock, soul, barbershop, traditional music from the US, England, China, and South America – our tours have taken us from Japan to Peru, from London to Beijing and more! In short, Doox of Yale has it all: camaraderie, musical excellence, and an international performance schedule. And starting in 2017, auditions for the group have no gender requirement.

There’s something here for why not rush?

rush managers

Francis Kigawa
Rush Manager
(917) 526-0377

Danny Germino-Watnick
Head Rush Manager
(301) 906-1250

David Townley
Rush Manager
(914) 584-9002

your audition


An audition for Doox is straightforward and low-key.

  • We start with some warm-ups to help prepare you and your voice for singing.
  • After that, we'll ask you to sing "Aura Lee" (Yale's traditional audition song) with some of the current members in four-part harmony to check your blending and sight-reading. Should you find them helpful as you practice, here are audio files for Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone, and Bass!
  • Finally, we'll have you sing a solo of your choice for the group. Use your solo to show us your own personal style of performance.

Remember, relax and have fun! We want to hear you! This year, Doox auditions are Friday, August 31st in the Pierson Large Practice Room; Saturday, September 1st; and Sunday, September 2nd, both in the Saybrook Underbrook! One week later, we'll hold callbacks again in the Underbrook for rushees who, for one reason or another, we'd like to hear sing again.

Singing dessert

Woolsey and Dwight only give each group a short time to perform, so in the week between auditions and callbacks, each group holds a full-length concert called a Singing Dessert. This is your absolute best chance to experience the true breadth, depth, and sonic range of our group's repertoire and to see what a Doox concert is like. You'll enjoy the food, but make no mistake: the main courses of the night are the savory soloists, impeccable shoe sound, and our stunning, ambitious, and powerful arrangements.

Our Singing Dessert is Wednesday, September 5 at 9:30pm in the Pierson Dining Hall.

Here's a sample of our music so you get a sense of our rep!

Callbacks & rush meals

One week after auditions, we'll hold callbacks for rushees who, for one reason or another, we'd like to hear sing again.

Also, during this week, many groups may plan rush meals with rushees. At a rush meal, rushees can meet a few Doox, and have a chance to experience our group's dynamic. Remember, this is your chance to audition us! Ask about our tours, practice schedule, hilarious stories, advice on what classes to take, or even just about life itself!


tap night!

After callbacks we'll make our final decisions, and then everyone prepares for the madness of Tap Night. The actual date is a heavily guarded secret, but each group will host a large, family style dinner the day of, just to make sure we don't arrive at any empty rooms!

 If you have more questions about the rush process, feel free to check out: